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Our team had a foot race on Yellow River dyke!
Source: | Author:vegemachine | Published time: 2100 days ago | 1206 Views | Share:
Our team had a foot race on Yellow River dyke!Three small squads:
1.Red: Team YOUTH, means Youth just likes fire, full of energy and hope!
2.Yellow: Team BOOM, means the team is full of explosive force and impact force!3.Blue: Team ROCKET, means the team would soar up into the sky with a good start!
After 3 hours race, and 3 play levels, Team BOOM win the champion finally. Everybody is tried, but we feel honored and better understand theimportance of team spirit!

  Our team had a foot race on Yellow River dyke!Three small squads:
  1.Red: Team YOUTH, means Youth just likes fire, full of energy and hope!
  2.Yellow: Team BOOM, means the team is full of explosive force and impact force!3.Blue: Team ROCKET, means the team would soar up into the sky with a good start!
  After 3 hours race, and 3 play levels, Team BOOM win the champion finally. Everybody is tried, but we feel honored and better understand theimportance of team spirit!

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