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Chicken Feet Scalder Machine
    Publish time 2018-07-17 13:51    

Chicken Feet Scalder  Machine

Chicken Feet Scalder  Machine


Model: AR-TZJ-FRD                                        

Material: Stainless steel

Voltage:380V 50HZ     three-phase



Type: Spiral perm claw machine           



Applicationused for chicken feet heating




1 This type scalding machine is an indispensable equipment of poultry slaughtering factory.

2 The machine is widely used in scalding chickens , ducks and geese in slaughtering line.

3 According to different  poultries, water temperature is during 60-68 ° C , the scalding time is about 1 minute.

4 Stiring and Circulating water  make  poultry scalding more thoroughly.

5 The scalded poultry can be sent into poultry defeathering machine .

6 Using the machine together with horizontal  poultry defeathering machine can be more efficiency.



1. The water in the scalding machine should be heated in advanced, the water temperature

shoule be about 62°C.  

2. The poultry enter to the machine from the entrance and get full immersion scalding,

then delivered to poultry defeathering machine by conveying belt.

3. Water should be added to scalding machine any time according to consumption.

4. Cleaning the machine after using . Rinse with warm water. If it is  long-term out of service,

machine should be thoroughly cleaning.

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